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How Can This Be Totally Free?

what can cure for herpes

Since there are so many available products on the market, choosing the right one can be quite confusing! After over 4 years and hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers, we know you will be amazed at the results you will achieve from this product! We have no doubt that by offering you a Free $34.95 value, a full months supply, that you will with out a doubt, join the growing group of our satisfied customer base.

Unlike other competitors products that make false and misleading claims, then they try to sell you a product that just doesn't work as advertized, Viruxo let's you try it before you buy it. We have nothing to hide and know the proof is in seeing the results for yourself. There is nothing to lose, but your future outbreaks! Try it before you buy it!


Until a cure for herpes is found, stay outbreak free and avoid the horrible drama of an outbreak!

How Do I Know This Product is Safe?

  • Viruxo is carefully manufactured in a GMP / TGA / FDA compliant facility. All of the ingredients are precisely measured, blended and pressed into time released tablets. Each bottle contains a one month supply of 90 tablets, to be taken orally with food, one time per day. The product is guaranteed 100%, or your money back. Try it before you buy it, Free! You have nothing to lose!
  • We only use pharmaceutical grade ingredients that are produced in the USA. The product is also manufactured in a FDA approved US Laboratory with over 20 years of experience.
  • Viruxo's main ingredient is naturally found in all living organisms and has been proven to be totally safe and extremely effective. Viruxo is a totally natural product, with No Known Side Effects. It can be taken for a prolonged period, without loosing its effectiveness.
  • Not only is this product extremely effective for suppression therapy, but also has other beneficial properties. Our customers have reported, better skin, hair, nails and many other positive results from its use.
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FDA / GMP / TGA Compliant Facility

Is This Product Shipped Discretely?

First of all, your privacy is our main concern. We only ship in plane white envelopes or USPS Priority Mail boxes. The return address will only be listed as Order Processing and totally discrete! The package has no outside identifying markings and is completely sealed for your protection. All orders are processed and shipped the same day as ordered.

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Free Herpes Dating

Free Herpes Dating